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Astro Turf Pros of Houston

Do you have a natural sports field with living grass? Then you know how difficult it becomes to keep to a schedule when considering the recovery time. Not only can your athletes not practice or enjoy a game, but the maintenance becomes costly. With AstroTurf, you can change the game to simplify scheduling sports activities. One thing is for sure your turf will always be ready for some sports action. 

With Artificial Grass Pros of Houston, Texas, you can eliminate all the costly expenses of caring for your sports field. With synthetic turf, things become easier as you need not spend money on labor, mowing, water, fertilizers, and more. In addition, the fake grass will always be ready year-round for band practice, football games, baseball, or hockey. 

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Astro Turf will not break down or show wear and tear during any sports event. Furthermore, it does not create mud when it rains, and there is no mess or fuss when athletes partake in a game. So, your games will never be canceled due to a field not looking its best.

You cut labor costs by hiring landscapers to maintain the grass to keep it playable. So, you can save time and money with an AstroTurf installation. Our professional landscaping team will utilize your sports field today with a synthetic turf installation.

Let’s help design your indoor or outdoor sports field today.

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“The team was punctual to install a putting green for me on my rooftop. They did an amazing job with the project and we have not been disappointed ever since. Thanks again for the good work. The grass looks spectacular.”

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